Paul Sawyier Public Library

2018 addition - Frankfort, KY

Navigating the cosmic and the immediate    14' x 11'- 6”

Twelve years after my first library project in the Paul Sawyier Public Library, I happily returned to create a window for the new addition. The library is located in the state capitol and carries the name of the beloved landscape painter Paul Sawyier (1865-1917) whose work was inspired by the natural beauty of this region.

I reflected on the relationship between the natural landscape and the role of the library. I imagined people throughout time learning about the particular species which make up the tapestry of life in this place, and gazing into the vast night skies overhead. These observations blossomed into diverse streams of knowledge, artistic expression, literary reflections, etc. which are accessible to patrons of the library. My window includes imagery of the heavens, the local landscape, numerous species living here in the water, air and on the land, and wording which alludes to our lifelong journey of exploration and discovery. A guide to the species is located nearby.

At the heart of the community, the library exists to support the exploration, education and inspiration of every citizen.