Norton Brownsboro Hospital Chapel - Louisville, KY

Of the Heavens    9'-6" x 30”

Of the Earth – Healing Trees and Plants of America    6’ x 12’

The titles 'Of the Heavens' and 'Of the Earth' arise from the content and position of these windows.

The high window glitters with stars and jewels set in a cobalt sky, encircling a Maltese cross in the form of a radiant star. This catholic hospital welcomes all faiths, but this cross makes a subtle reference to the hospital's faith connection with an early order of monks who offered hospitality and guidance to pilgrims in the holy land.

At ground level, a glowing green framework in the form of a 'rose' style of cathedral window is filled with over 50 species of native plants and trees known to have healing properties. A printed guide is available for visitors to identify and read about the use of these plants by Native Americans, pioneers and contemporary people.

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