Northeast Georgia Medical Center - Braselton, GA

Nature's Tapestry    11' x 13'

Thirty miles northeast of Atlanta, Braselton is close to the southern tip of the Appalachians. The natural beauty of this area is inspiring and healing, a sensibility embraced by the designers and staff of the hospital. The building is Leed certified as being efficient in resource usage and incorporating low-toxicity materials, and using every opportunity to harness the healing power of Nature for its patients. Natural materials, gardens, sunlight, healthy food offerings, walking paths, etc., support this mission.

I felt moved to embrace this aesthetic in my work for the chapel. A window wall 13' high by 11' wide dominates the intimate space and is comprised of 7 tall 'banners' of glass imagery. Each banner has a predominant color, into which I have rendered native species of grasses and insects, the night sky, a dense tapestry of native plants, butterflies and moths, rain and fish, birds and animals. Nearby is a bookshelf with field guides for identification, as well as volumes of nature-based poetry, guides to North Georgia hiking, etc.

Another bank of windows tells stories from the history of the town's founders, and the patrons of the chapel, the Braselton family. 

Braselton slice.jpg